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I am happy to accept self referrals directly from patients for musculoskeletal MRI scans, for example spine, knee, shoulder, hip, ankle joints. I recognise that it is sometimes difficult to negotiate the various processes and referral routes set up by the NHS. These can be frustrating and add delays to getting a scan. It is important for patients to get a diagnosis so that they can get appropriate treatment promptly.

I will vet the information provided for the scan request, and if appropriate, arrange an MRI scan at a site of your choice from those where I have practising privileges. The scan will be tailored to your problem history and a report will be provided within 3 days, often on the same day as the scan is carried out.

The report will be sent to your general practitioner, with a copy for yourself and the scan will be provided to you on a disc (or electronically online) for you to take away with you.


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CT Cone Beam
1 Part from £180
2 Part from £305

CT Scans 
1 Part from £355 - £549
2 Part from £440 - £749
3 Part from £608 - £929
Contrast additional £159  

MRI Scans
1 Part from £235 - £299
2 Part from £440 - £599
3 Part from £608 - £949

1 Part from £235
2 Part from £449

*these are approximate ‘self-funding costs’. Formal fixed quotes are sent on booking of your procedure(s).
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