Meet Umesh

Dr Umesh Udeshi MB BCh, FRCR

Dr Umesh Udeshi qualified from the Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff in 1979 and trained in Clinical Radiology on the Birmingham based, West Midlands Radiology Training Scheme.

Dr Udeshi has been a Consultant Clinical Radiologist since 1988 and currently works at Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre and the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Dr Udeshi's major specialty interest is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). He particularly specialises in musculoskeletal radiology. He is also a general radiologist with wide specialty training and one of the lead radiologists, regularly attending the Urological Cancer Multidisciplinary Team.

Dr Udeshi carries out regular audit of his practise and participates fully in continuing professional development and satisfies the Royal College of Radiologists CPD scheme. He has been satisfactorily revalidated by the General Medical Council.

He lectures to many professional groups on MRI and general radiological topics and publishes clinical papers in peer reviewed journals. Dr Udeshi is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and a Visiting Specialist Lecturer at the Birmingham City University. He has been an assessor for the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme, is a member of the Royal College of Radiologists Service Review Committee, and is an assesor for the Quality Review Service.

He is happily married and has two grown up daughters. He lives in Worcestershire.


Medical Student Feedback
Dr Udeshi gave our learning some direction, structure and focus and meant we didn’t step on each other’s toes. 2015

Dr Udeshi’s teaching was FANTASTIC! 2015

"Dr Udeshi provides a valuable contribution to the undergraduate medical student programme at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. He provides a regular teaching sessions x 4 for the Year 4 medical students and 24 sessions per year for the Year 5 medical students over two semesters. Feedback on his sessions from students has always been excellent with such comments as:
Exceeded my expectations. These sessions were incredibly useful; thank you very much!
Dr Udeshi gave us the choice of topics that we find difficult; this teaching was very useful and structured
Dr Udeshi has a good style of teaching, is very patient and asks us appropriate questions
Very informative and interactive! I really enjoyed Dr Udeshi’s teaching sessions and how interactive they were! Thank you!” 2015

"Dr Udeshi has always been an excellent mentor, he has vast knowledge and is always approachable and happy to teach and offer guidance and help. I have little experience of watching him with patients - however from what I have seen he is always professional, showing empathy and offering excellent explainations.
Dr Udeshi always has time to teach, he has excellent communication skills, he always attempts to discuss complex cases if needed.
As a leader within a team he led the radiology department forward allowing career progression and development with service needs in mind.
Verbal communication is excellent." 2015

Dr Udeshi provided excellent teaching 2015
Clinician Feedback
Dear Umesh. Thanks for injecting this ladies bilateral bursitis - you asked for a follow up and I am pleased to say that she has had an excellent result from the injections and is pain free. She is extremely grateful and wanted me to pass this on. Sep 2015

I am writing to update you on patient x's progress. She received an ultrasound guided steroid injection for a 8mm neuroma in the left 2nd and 3rd webspace at the WRH. I am pleased to report that on review today she is completely pain free. She is delighted with the results and back to normal activity levels. Many thanks for your help with this patient. 2014

Mr X is delighted with the results. He has no problems and his ganglion has disappeared. Very delighted patient. 2014

Mrs X had the ganglion injected by Umesh Udeshi on 14th January this year. She has no problems and is delighted with the result. 2015

Patient had diagnostic ultrasound on the 10th March resulting in ultrasound guided steroid injections into the second and third webspaces for a neuroma and a bursa. They were successful and the patient is now pain free. Delighted with the results. 2015

Dear Umesh, Mrs X is delighted with the results of your ultrasound guided injection and of your care. She wants you to know how much she appreciates it. 2015

Mrs X has come for review today. She had her right mid-foot injected with local anaesthetic and steroid on 11th September. She is delighted with the result. Her foot is pain free. She is not having problems with her neuroma either.

"Dr Udeshi is an excellent and very competent colleague. He gives alot of time to teaching both physios, radiographers and 'up and coming' radiologists in his own time. He explains examinations to his patients. He listens to issues within the department and always tries to help to resolve problems and improve the service we give." 2015

"Dr Udeshi communicates really well and in understandable terms. He is empathetic and sympathetic to patients in pain. He is patient with colleagues who may not fully understand the workings of MRI." 2015

"Dr Udeshi is a great colleague, team player and teacher. As Clinical Director of radiology he has done a lot for the department innovation and getting the first 3T MR scanner in a DGH in West Midlands and 7 day working among many other firsts to the department." 2015

"he goes above and beyond. his patients with staff and patience are great. he will still be here long after he finished doing reporting. he has taught me a lot. he explains to the pateint if they have questions. his ablity to put every one at ease is great." 2015

    Patient Feedback

  • Respectfulness98%
  • Clarity of Consultation99%
  • Attentiveness99%
  • Interpersonal Skills97%
  • Patient Interest98%
  • Patient Understanding98%

  • * Results from the GMC revalidation process 2015. Download report here.

Special Clinical Interests

Musculoskeletal radiology - Ultrasound, MRI, CT, arthrograms and injections of the joints
Oncological radiology
Prostate biopsy
Bariatric laparoscopic band adjustments
CT scanning
General radiology

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists
Radiological Society of North America
Past President of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association
Service Review Committee, Royal College of Radiologists


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