The Royal College of Radiologists responds to the publication of the new Scottish Cancer Strategy Plan

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) welcomes the new Cancer Strategy published by the Scottish government today but expresses concern as to how effective the strategy will be in practice if certain key issues remain unaddressed.

Commenting on the cancer strategy, Dr Paddy Niblock, Chair of the RCR Standing Scottish Committee said:

“This is an ambitious strategy, which addresses equity of access to high quality services and effective cancer treatments regardless of geographical boundaries and, as such, is to be applauded. Over 40% of people in Scotland will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime so the additional investment in both diagnosis and treatment is very welcome. The clinical radiology workforce is integral to the early detection and ongoing monitoring of cancer and therefore fundamental to improving outcomes for cancer patients. We  look forward to hearing how much of the new diagnostic fund will be devoted to the training of more radiologists.”

Dr Niblock continued:

“We fully support the focus on reducing inequity of access to advanced radiotherapy techniques and welcome the substantial £50 million investment to support further development of both equipment and workforce. Improving IT connectivity across the five cancer centres will enhance collaboration and is necessary to realise the Governments’ ambitions for improved cancer care and outcomes for the people of Scotland.”

The RCR looks forward to working with the Scottish Government Health Directorate to support and shape the delivery of this promising strategy.